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Inflammaging contributes to the pathogenesis of
age-related diseases

Our first area of focus will be on inflammation and how this impacts aging populations, a phenomenon known as inflammaging. Enhanced inflammation within our bodies as we age is a key contributor to the major diseases afflicting humanity.


Modern medicine has opted to treat symptoms of inflammation, rather than the underlying causes. Mainstream anti-inflammatory treatments have important side effects: some 30% of US hospitalised adverse reactions are attributed to NSAIDs and steroids.


Mono-therapies are sub-optimal as inflammation is a multi-factorial phenomenon that cannot be addressed by a single compound inhibiting one inflammatory target.


Polypharmakos uses a multi-factorial approach, taking natural extracts proven to impact several inflammatory pathways. Betterinflammaging management could prove beneficial for many linked conditions and diseases, allow an aging population to self-manage their inflammation, safely and effectively.

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Polypharmakos is a Nutripharma company focused on human longevity

Natural extracts by their nature contain a broad spectrum of actives. If specific active compounds give a strong therapeutic signal, this will inform our longer term pharmaceutical strategy. Our discovery process opens up both routes for product development.


In the case of inflammaging, our search hypothesis will be governed by looking at the comparative functionality of various plant genera, and how plant families may impact on inflammatory pathways. This will allow use AI to search our databases according to the fingerprint of each extract, looking for associations that have not been made before. We will be looking for signals, to make genuine discoveries of more powerful ways to manage the pathways.


We will be asking, ‘can we do better than nature, or are single molecules more optimal for meeting complex therapeutic challenges?’

Images courtesy of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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We use deep ethno-botanical knowledge and AI to interrogate the world’s largest natural sample libraries

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